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Julphar Bangladesh the first company in Bangladesh with GMP compliance certification from the UAE, Ministry

GCC countries import medicines mainly from USA, UK & highly regulated countries. Their strict adherence to the medicines from the western world, stringent evaluation process of manufacturing facilities, practice, procedures and documentation to ascertain the implementation of rigorous legislations of Ministry of Health, made it almost impossible for the pharmaceutical companies in the subcontinent to vie for the achievement of GCC GMP Compliance certification. But with the continuous perseverance to quality, skilled manpower and vision of being global, RAK pharma dared to step out to GCC countries.

In the process of the approval RAK Pharma had to pass two inspections of a highly expert and experienced team of Ministry of Health, UAE in a span of six months and a numerous recommendations were carried out to the finest level to prove RAK Pharma as the global standard company.

On January 21, 2015 the ministry of health, UAE, finally issued the letter of registration declaring Julphar Bangladesh Ltd. ( former RAK Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.) as the first company in Bangladesh to achieve the auspicious GMP compliance certification from The Ministry of Health, UAE.

It paves the way to enter the GCC Markets (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar). Very shortly our products will be available in the pharmacies of GCC countries. Now we supposed to get toll manufacturing of pharmaceutical products from GCC countries. It is an inspiration for RAK Pharma to explore global market.


Last Update: 23 Jan 2018

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