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Julphar Bangladesh have launched Refla 24, A Safer Steroid

Considering the safety profile, in July 2015 Julphar Bangladesh launched Refla, a safer anti-inflammatory steroid, preparation of Deflazacort 6 mg tablet. In acute inflammatory and allergic disorders recommended initial dose of Deflazacort is up to 120 mg daily. In acute bronchial asthma recommended daily dose of Deflazacort is 48-72 mg.

For safety & treatment compliance in acute disorders, Julphar Bangladesh have launched Refla 24 (Deflazacort 24 mg tablet), a brand extension of Refla.

As effective as conventional steroid like Prednisolone, Methylprednisolone & Dexamethasone but has far less side effects as-



  • Less chance of Edema & Hypertension
  • Less chance of Osteoporosis formation
  • Less chance of Hyperglycemia
  • Less chance of weight Gain
  • Less chance of growth retardation in children


Last Update: 23 Jan 2018

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