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Julphar Bangladesh have launched Maxwel, a complete multivitamin & multimineral supplement


Julphar Bangladesh has introduced another new product Maxwel, for maximum well-being, a complete multivitamin & multimineral supplement with accurate balance of RDA. In many instances regular diet isn’t enough to meet the requirements of all key health benefits like energy, immunity, metabolism, blood, heart function, bones health, eyesight & well health. To ensure all of these key health benefits Julphar Bangladesh have launched Maxwel, once daily dosage with food or as recommended by physician.




  • Prevents and treats vitamin & mineral deficiency

  • Prevents chronic diseases

  • Provides energy

  • Promotes skin, hair & nail health

  • Supports heart and kidney health

  • Improves bone, teeth, muscle & immune system

  • Promotes healthy digestion

Last Update: 23 Jan 2018

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