Julphar Bangladesh Ltd.

Message From CEO

Julphar Bangladesh Ltd. (former RAK pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.) the latest subsidiary of Julpharis a relatively young company with solid infrastructure, a quality facility and a promising product pipeline.

In Julphar, our growth strategy in Emerging Markets continues, with a focus on Bangladesh market. The Bangladesh market alone provides huge investment opportunities, which can enhance the growing role of Julphar in the Global healthcare industry, With a stable investment outlook and growing healthcare needs this largely underserved population, makes Bangladesh an attractive market for Julphar to fulfill its commitment of sustaining health across the globe.

Julphar and Julphar Bangladesh Ltd. engaged in a long term strategic alliance through a joint partnership inclusive of technology transfer and marketing of advanced pharmaceutical products. The acquisition enables Julphar to operate on a wider scale in Bangladesh building upon existing sales of $5.7 million/annum; and plays an integral role in expanding our footprint into Asia.

We believe with our continuous dedicated efforts along with a diversified product portfolio which targets major therapeutic segments, Julphar Bangladesh Ltd. will succeed in improving availability of high quality products within the local region.
We extend our gratitude to all stakeholders for their support and dedication which will ensure delivery of sustainable Healthcare to new markets and striving “Towards a Better Life”.



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